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Ability and Age: Frequently Asked Questions

By: Emma Jones - Updated: 11 Mar 2012 | comments*Discuss
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Everyone has to age through their working life from a young employee to the point of retirement. So it is sad that anyone would face discrimination because of what point in this cycle they are at. As well as age discrimination, this list of frequently asked questions looks at ability. This is the lack of inclusion for people who are less able and face discrimination against their disability.

Who Faces Age Discrimination?

Although it is most common for older people to face age discrimination it can become an issue at any age and many younger employees also experience. It is the stereotyping and prejudices of people of a certain age that are held against them in the workplace.

What is Ability Discrimination?

Ability, or more often known as disability discrimination, is when somebody is treated differently because of their physical, mental or emotional disability. This can range from the obvious disabilities such as being wheelchair bound to less distinguishable problems such as dealing with depression.

What Are the Laws on Ageism?

Ageism is something which has come to be recognised relatively recently. In 2006 the Employment Equality Act was passed which protects the rights of workers over 50. These rules cover hiring and firing and the way older people are treated at work. For younger people who face age discrimination it is more difficult though. Cases are usually dealt with on an individual basis using more general equality legislation.

What Are the Laws on Ability Discrimination?

Discrimination on the grounds of disability has a much better grounding in the law and there are a number of legislations in place. These cover the treatment of disabled people and the provision of suitable equipment and also the needs of people under the mental health act.

What Equipment am I Entitled to as a Disable Person?

Companies have to provide the facilities and equipment needed for a disabled person to carry out the job comfortably and effectively. These can range from disabled toilets, ramps and automatic doors to hearing induction loops and large print paperwork. <

What Should I do if I Think I am Being Discriminated Against?

If you feel that you are not being given the provision you need as a disabled person then talk to your manager as they may just not understand what you need. If you feel the discrimination is deliberate or you are being held back because of your age or ability then take action. Follow your company’s grievance procedure, making sure that you have a record of the incidents.

It is not a pleasant experience to be discriminated against and you need to know your rights so you can stand up for them. As a disabled person you have a right to the suitable provisions and to be treated equally. Also, whatever your age, an employer should not discriminate against you on that basis. All workers have a right to be treated equally and have their worth judged on the quality of their work not their age or ability.

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FAQ is good, but nowhere can I find where ageist job adverts should be reported or what can be done about them.
paul - 11-Mar-12 @ 3:31 PM
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